Pulling out the PE…Deconstructing my teaching and learning…what did I do with my PE hat in connected learning this year?-Resources and thinking to share…


The long holiday period is a time for rejuvenation, reflection, resolutions and relaxation alongside the chance for more intensive and invigorating whānau time! In my last post I recorded my thinking on the end of year celebrations and how this aligned with our values, see here
In this post I want to deconstruct my teaching as a bit of a resource bank for others, maybe Physeders will find this useful, maybe not, but I will put it out there. The links and connections I have made in teaching and learning I have been a part of have been a part of, have arisen from the three aspects of our school curriculum. These have included, hubs, specialised learning modules and Big projects. What I would like to do is share a record that includes resources that can be modified, shared and used to suit others learners and context.

A good way is to start with knowing the learner activities, over the last holidays, I prepared resources for a hub tool box for all our coaches to uses, these included activities for knowing the learner, hauora, quadrants of thinking and reflections. These types of resources in the past have been the scope of Health and Physical Education teachers and others who may use to get to know their learners at the start of a year. I would like to think that others may find some of these useful for getting to know more about their learners in any context, so here are the resources (I am adapting, but these are the current slides/cards)…

As well as the knowing the learner type activities that we have used with our hubs, which this year was a group of approx 9 students with each hub coach (shifting to 12 this year with the second intake for us coming in). I have also developed resources that I have used within modules across the year to get to know the learner in these different areas, with my PE hat on. Here are some of these resources below. I will not get into so much what was involved in the modules, but the resources and teaching and learning programmes aligned to our Big concepts each term, such as, identity, citizenship, place and space and systems.

The first one was exploring my pepeha, which learners also did-“Museum of Mihi”…

Explorations of family trees-“Museum of Mihi”…

Exploration of passions in PE-“P.A.S.S” (Physical Activity, Sport and Society)…

Exploring critical thinking in PE-“P.A.S.S” (Physical Activity, Sport and Society)…

My hub and their exploration of the local whenua and history of Hobsonville Point…

Goal setting the “purposeful habit” for “thought in sport”…

and my learners from my first big project, taking action at the primary school and demonstrating the school habit of “contributive”…

Haha, yes I do quite like Haiku deck as a form of presentation software!!!!

This was a planning board linking PE and physics-“going through the motions”…

This was a scaffolded task for “going through the motions”…

A google form gathering prior knowledge…

These are examples of docs and tasks that we did in -“move it, move it” -with Liz and Technology…



These are a couple of docs that learners have worked on to show the interrelationship between anatomical movements and cams and followers in technology…if you pan down the side of the docs you can see the whole thing…

This is an infographic for personal and social responsibility…this came from the module “It’s not all about me” and also “just do it and analyse it”… read reflections and details on these modules here…https://sallyhart72.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/i-am-a-writer-of-books-in-retrospect/

Personal and social responsibility

This was an infographic for “thought and sport”…here is a reflection and more on this module here…

-Thought in Sport--Reflective thinking Copy (1)

There were many other resources that I used along the way, some are included in the deeper reflections, some are formats that cannot embed, others were using hobsonline and online forums etc to gather evidence along the way. Some verbal debrief docs and ongoing narratives that I have blogged about previously. This is a collection of a few, it may help to trigger ideas, it may not, but teaching and learning is an on-going experience that will evolve and transform as we go along the way, my ideas come from working with others in a variety of curriculum areas and from reflecting and acting, trying to be responsive to learners and the environment I work in…if not useful for others, it is useful for me to collate some of the ideas that have arisen for PE this year in the modules I have been involved in…I hope this may help others by sharing.

My major focus and goals across aspects of teaching in a connected, cross-curricular manner, where learning is attempting to being relevant and responsive to the learner, is to experiment, research, collaborate with other physeders (Alex at Rutherford is keen to get involved in working together-with her department), Bryce and Anna are at our school, with the potential to work with Anne McKay, Margot Bowes and Kylie Thompson with some flipped research they are looking at, with teacher lead research. Both Alex and I are keen to look at ways to develop, utilise and empower students through different modes of assessment and gathering evidence of learning along the way and in action. While the potential focus will have a physed hat from my end, it will still be in conjunction with those teachers I co-teach with this year and responsive to the learners that we have. Watch this space for reflections along the way…

Celebrating success….what do we value??

Cohesion of the first year in action at Hobsonville Point Secondary was highlighted in the celebration of success for our learners. It is possible to slip from a vision and revert to what you have always done…there was potential for this as 2014 came to a close. The end of year celebration culminated in showing how strongly we at HPSS feel about our dispositional curriculum. The crux of the celebrations was based on our Hobsonville Habits and school values. We did not revert to having top in subjects, which was imperative for a school connecting learning, working in a cross curricular manner, focusing on learning to learn and rather than just content and knowledge. There was multiple levels of celebration and recognition of mana motuhake “high expectations” in a different manner to those I have experienced in the past. In doing so a wide array of different learners were celebrated alongside each other. The thought and comments on why learners were being celebrated were thoughtful, meaningful and had the potential to bring a tear to the eye, this occurred with whānau, staff and learners and was a poignant moment in the journey of our school.

All learners were celebrated with their learning hubs, coaches, community and whānau. With three Hobsonville Habits being recognised, by self, peers and coaches as highlighting the success in their learning journey this year. Another example of whanaungatanga in action at HPSS!


At the main celebration each of the communities had a learner celebrated for each of the 10 Hobsonville Habits. To those of you outside this appears as just another list. However, for me this is a running record of our learners successes. Maybe also a trigger to rethink what you value at your school and whether your celebrations truly align with this…

Hobsonville habits

Habit Awards – a student from each community who has displayed our Hobsonville Habits.
Resilient Award
Taheretikitiki: Gina Heidekruger
Tiriwa:Adriaan Olivier
Waiarohia: Katherine Garrett

Adventurous Award
Taheretikitiki: Alisa Warburton
Tiriwa:Katelyn Larking
Waiarohia: Joshua Van Wyk

Compassionate Award
Taheretikitiki: Jessica Su
Tiriwa: Lola Houghton
Waiarohia: Hannah Collins

Curious Award
Taheretikitiki: Liam Ranby
Tiriwa: Manoj Kumaraguru
Waiarohia: Matthew Van Gills

Contributive Award
Taheretikitiki: Joshua Hardy
Tiriwa: Erin Choi-Brown
Waiarohia: Joshua Long

Responsive Award
Taheretikitiki: James Anderson
Tiriwa: Natasha de Jong
Waiarohia: Gus Clelland

Reflective Award
Taheretikitiki: Antonia Smith
Tiriwa: Wai Ng
Waiarohia: Nat Hathaway

Creative Award
Taheretikitiki: Flynn Dawson
Tiriwa: Lola Houghton
Waiarohia: Andrew Jung

Resourceful Award
Taheretikitiki: Bennet Aitken
Tiriwa: Karl Voshaar
Waiarohia: Petra Brinkman

Purposeful Award
Taheretikitiki: Danielle Anderson
Tiriwa: Micah Tiriwawi
Waiarohia: Kiara Padayatchi


The community ambassador award was a special award, where as a community and then as a school we co-constructed the criteria with the learners on what this should involve…learners then voted for these awards, the supporting evidence that they gave supported choices for the habits and values awards also.
Here is a link to the criteria that the students came up with for what they valued in a Community Ambassador… https://docs.google.com/a/hobsonvillepoint.school.nz/document/d/1PG5ZKJTCmbLaVWh7vefl_R-6Q8ns1H2xIinru7yx-SQ/edit You can see there is high exectations by the learners in our school!!!

Community Ambassador Awards:

Taheretikitiki: Bill Savery

Waiarohia: Daniel Loa

Tiriwa: Jalen Wilson

Next was the values awards and this went across the whole school, with supporting evidence arising from learners voice and teacher recognition of those displaying the school values.

Value Awards: Awarded to the students who have displayed our HPSS Values

Connectedness Award: Matthew Van Gills

Collaboration Award: Natasha de Jong

Innovation Award: Angus Lynch

Inquiry Award: Antonia Smith

Excellence Awards: Awarded to the students who have displayed excellence in:

Excellence in Sport: Mackenzie Vellenoweth

Excellence in Arts and Culture: Rhiana Jellick

Personal Excellence: Tia Fue

Academic Excellence: Annie Wang

Overall Excellence: Awarded to the student who is recognised as displaying our values and our habits in everything that they do:

Excellence Award: Jalen Wilson

Alongside these celebrations were many examples of powerful partnerships in action such as Elise with Pete and the house of Shem…with her original song put out there…Year 9????


It was not only the celebrations at the end of the year that finished off 2014 with a bang! As a school we also had the most amazing time on camp. The learners and staff all had an amazing time outside the four walls of the classroom, the learning and value of this EOTC experience is best summarised by the learners, here is a great video put together by Lea and Pete to show this…

Looking forward to another year and another year level at HPSS this year. Looking forward to the opportunity for our foundation Year 9 to take on board the challenge of leading and learning from our new year 9’s. To further develop our school vision and values…At Hobsonville Point Secondary School we believe in empowering young people with the skills to contribute confidently and responsibly in our changing world.

To reach for the sky!
Whaia te iti kahurangi