You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result…

action 6

Words by Mahatma Ghandi…quoted by many…. These words when used, are they utilised in action? Are they preached without practice? Are they used to inspire and in turn cause action? What are the results when action occurs? One thing we are exploring at HPSS in a variety of ways, is the importance of action/taking action in learning. Learning that is more relevant and meaningful not only because there is a search for results and outcomes. But also that the learning arising from taking action, taking part in a process of taking action and the results that arise, whatever they may be… In doing so we are creating powerful partnerships on many levels. Working with the ARC, sustainable coastlines and the BNZ during this action, making the learning authentic and amplifying the learning process and outcome.



These pictures are from the “Big project” that Bryce and I have been working with a group of Year 9 students on this year. The students were involved in taking on-going action on Hobsonville Point. The action was to remove 1000’s of plastic bags from a mangrove area on the point. The “result” was a huge cleanup and improvement. The students made a major difference to the community but also to their learning through this process. I will let the students do the talking, here is their website, this contains the learney and was developed by the whole team, with roles of website development, storytelling, filming and film editing, brochures and more…

The reflections by students show not only their learning, but thinking about the process and outcomes… Here is an example of a Year 9 reflection on the project…

This was the project that I have been working on. In conjunction with this project, there were many others taking action and making a difference. One group saving the near extinct, native plant, epilobium found here on Hobsonville Point… here is a video of their learning

Another group landscaped a community members garden. All involving partners to ensure learning was real world and authentic. The school show ran at the same time, with students involved in promotion, back stage, costuming, makeup, lighting, scripts, acting, dancing, music and more. All based on their passion and opted into by choice. With the focus on 2025 and the future, students took action through their voice about issues and concerns for them, what they foresee and what may be… Hitting issues like, bullying, rubbish, sustainable transport, food, global issues of consumerism and more.. All coming to a head at the project celebration the other night. I feel very proud of HPSS when I see the outcome of all this real world learning and in awe of our year 9 students. See more of the photos celebrating our projects on the school facebook page…

Projects are only one example of taking action, we also have Arohanui onsite, which is a satellite school for special needs learners. Students have been involved with these learners. Sometimes in “my-times” and sometimes in ways that they are taking action.Arohanui
This is one collage that shows our students running physical activity for the learners from a variety of the satellite schools involved with Arohanui. Students giving back, making a difference and learning in the process.

action 3

On a different tangent but involving the same word “action”. As a physical educator connecting learning, in an integrated manner, through cross-curricular, collaborative teaching. I continue to revisit my strong beliefs around learning in physical education being “in, through and about movement”. Trying to ensure that the teaching and learning programmes that we develop for and with our learners still involve the “doing” while continuing to find connections with other learning areas.

Connecting this term in “going through the motions”, involving physics and biomechanics…looking at forces, motion, energy, projectile motion, force summation and more…
Students have their own youtube channel, with a collation of their own videos showing these in sporting contexts, developed in small group situations with voice overs of knowledge…students have also been involved in practical where the physics and biomechanics are applied, observed and recognised in game situations rather than just in set up situations.. I am amazed by their level of understanding of the interrelationships involved at year 9 and strongly believe it is from doing these things in “action”, applied and tried, not just learnt about in theory… The same module worked with an authentic partner the other day with a visit to the University of Auckland East Tamaki Campus, where students took their application a step further with 3D motion equipment and testing of forces in action with expensive equipment and software, making the learning again amplified to another level.

image (13)

In another module “move it, move it”, PE is integrating with tech and is involving movement analysis, which they have explored in a variety of contexts and have now shifted to their context of choice.
In tech they made ergonomes, which they have used to draw phases of execution of a skill, they are now going to make cams and followers to represent the movements of the joint… these are examples of cams and followers

followed by drawings of the steps involved…
Step by Step

Students have also been making sense of movements in application…in a variety of contexts, using circuits, activities and their own contexts/activities to explore…

The learning is connecting easily this term, it differs from term to term, always exploring how learning areas see links from concept to concept. The tension is to ensure that the “action” is still there…I feel like we are finding and exploring ways to ensure this that will continue into the senior school. With many modes being used to gather evidence of learning, see last term on verbal debriefs and narrative for feedback/feedforward…

We are inquiring into how? why? what? we are doing in our teaching and learning, but always coming back to positive student outcomes as a measure. For us this is not just academic excellence but personal excellence as well..represented by our Hobsonville Habits.
Hobsonville habits

To finish this post, I return to Ghandi with a final quote, trying to mix things up at HPSS, we are are doing this on multiple levels of taking action and learning in action, anyone can do this, wherever you may be, just remember…
action 5

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