Deliberation on dispositions…pondering on “the point”…




Something I believe strongly, is that as educators we should be modelling the expectations we have in our learners…

If you have read any of my past posts, you will realise that we have a dispositional curriculum as an aspect of our teaching and learning, which has derived from our school vision and values. Currently our learners are reflecting on aspects of this as they gather evidence of their learning. This evidence of learning is arising from both naturally occurring evidence as well as carefully selected destinations of learning. I like to use the word destination as it denotes a ‘journey’. There are several aspects of their learning that they are reflecting on currently. I am one of the many strong proponents of our school vision and values and a highlight for me are the ‘Hobsonville Habits’. These are dispositions that we have selected and highlighted, that will allow learners to “flounder intelligently” (Guy Claxton) in the time of ever changing knowledge. Dispositions that can be developed and nurtured, applied and reflected on. Here is an infographic showing our Hobsonville Habits…

Hobsonville habits

Beyond the four walls…is an important part of my philosophy on learning, learning that is relevant, meaningful and lifelong. To develop my “point” further, I would like to take on board the importance of modelling. Just as I have asked my learners to reflect on the use of their “Hobsonville Habits”, I will do likewise as well…


I believe I have been adventurous predominantly outside the classroom. I am therefore going to take adventurous literally in an outdoor context. I would like to draw on examples from time with my whanau, times that also influence the physical aspect of my hauora. Here are few shots of our whanau being adventurous on our back doorstep. The amazing walks in this region are a relatively untapped gem that people should be aware of.





Where I would like to develop being adventurous, is to bring my love of the outdoors to our learners, in the next term with a focus on place and space, Lisa and I are looking at a module integrating novels with a focus on rising against adversity in sport/outdoors contexts. So this learning becomes real, I am keen for us to allow the learners to test their adventurous and resilience habits in the great outdoors. Goldie’s bush could be a great starting point, to then put into perspective feats greater than this…

Creative: I believe this is a disposition of mine that I need to develop. I believe this is down to my own perception of creativity. I have always felt that creativity is in the development of work such as art. This is definitely not a my forte…even though my mother is an accomplished artist! However, my understanding of creativity has shifted, so I believe there is aspects of creativity slipping into my learning and life. I am being allowed the opportunity, through my job here at Hobsonville Point to be creative with teaching and learning, shifting education in a way it should be. I am but one of an awesome team of colleagues working on this creativity with the curriculum and schooling and the evidence is here in my pasts reflections/blogs…

Curious: I am always curious about the big picture and how everything fits together. This is again being enabled in our jobs at HPSS. Allowing for the yellow quadrant (Hermann’s Brain) to come to the fore. I am curious to see how learning can be more cohesive, how all the silos and disconnections that can occur in Secondary Schooling can be framed less tightly allowing power to the learners rather than the teachers. This is a work in progress and we are still only at the end of the first term, watch this space for on-going curiosity in action…

Contributive: I think I have always been contributive, one to help out and support others beyond the four walls. I think being a physeder, this is something we all do…so far…I have organised athletics, helped take netball trials, have got basketball trials this week and will coach this. I have coached my older girl (Jaimee) and her netball team. I am also helping to enable this in my learners and have a large crew of Year 9’s getting ready to take action in the primary school in the sports they are passionate about. I see being contributive as an extremely important part of learning and life. I am really interested in helping develop student leadership further in the school as well.


Reflective: The Museum of Mihi will be my example of being reflective and will consider collaboration within this module. I have been a part of a big module this term with @GeoMouldey and @Mrsmeganpete, this has been great and my first real attempt at team teaching. I have thoroughly enjoyed this module as we have experimented and mixed up how we work together as a crew. The big concept has been “identity” for this term and we have had our Health and PE, Social Sciences and Drama hats on allowing learners to see real connections in learning. In terms of where to from here I look forward to working with @MissDtheTeacher and @PeteMcghie in a big module next term, integrating Mathematics, Science (my other subjects) and Food with the big concept of place and space. Also in a small module with Lisa, looking at the power of the mind in sport and the place and space that you go to when times are tuff. Collaborative teaching is great, however, it is important to recognise there is a loss of autonomy in the way you structure your teaching and learning, I am still learning here and look forward to further honing of these skills.


Compassionate: I would like to use an example of being compassionate, without delving into the details of the situation for the sake of the learners. We are a restorative school and I got to apply restorative practices through a hui I ran at school. I enjoyed taking part in this hui and believe the outcomes were good for all. All learners involved were heard and the outcome has mended relationships that had been damaged. I look forward to working further with these processes in the future. Ensuring we are doing education “with” and not “to” our learners.

Resourceful: On a very busy day this week I was extremely resourceful. I had running club in mytime, where learners opt into this and I take them running around the point. However, with a very hectic morning rushing my kids out the door I had forgotten my t-shirt, towel and toiletries. I managed to borrow resources at school, a towel from Lea, a shirt from Maliina and some underarm for after my shower from Maurie!!! Very resourceful and committed 🙂

Purposeful: I continue to be purposeful with my study and my thesis involving the integration of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy….However, in these busy times with a full time job in a super awesome, responsive school, involving collaborative planning, alongside a young family, I am not dedicating the time I would like to the completion of this..I am up to writing the findings of my comparative case study…watch this space.

Responsive: I believe at HPSS we are being more responsive than most Secondary schools in the country. I have written about this in the past. However, I would like to be even more responsive with my hub (who I coach). This term has been busy as we do education in such a different way and currently we are involved in learners evidencing their learning, conferencing getting ready for their IEM’s. This is adding real rigour to our hubs as an aspect of our curriculum and pathway support. However, I would like to be spending more time at the relationship level with my learners. I believe this will develop next term as the systems and structures we are setting up, will be more familiar allowing for more time on the relationship building.

Resilient: No matter how busy life gets….as it is for everyone with family, work, life and more…I believe I am resilient. I will not get into details of my past 😉 but I am a glass half full, work-life balance kind of girl, who makes sure that she works on balancing her hauora to the best of her ability. This includes family time (Taha Whanau) and also physical balance (Taha Tinana) to ensure the other dimensions are also ok. Running for me is a very important part of this and I make time for it as much as I can…




I have deliberated on my dispositions and pondered on “the point”. This is but a snapshot though and I need to blog more regularly and reflect on my practice more consistently. This is a goal I will set myself for next term. I have however, practiced what I preach by reflecting on my habits, just as I have asked my learner to….

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