Mā te whakaaro kotahi ka ora ai… The cohesion of perspectives will strengthen the kaupapa.

Who will provide this cohesion? You may well ask…. I will hold strong to the importance of the coach and mentor at HPSS to ensure and enable this cohesion, while also ensuring exposure and depth of learning. Lea, Yas, Megan and I have spent the last couple of days working with other teachers on the aspect of hubs and coaching in our communities, modelling and digging deeper to the Why? What”? How? This has made it seem all the more real. Timing was great as it immediately followed the orientation day of our learners.


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I would like to write about the role of the hub and the coach, and the cohesion that this provides to the staff and will provide to the learn paths, of our learners at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. I believe that we are allowing this in a way, that Secondary Education has not often occurred in NZ before, on this level. One where the cohesion seen at a primary school with one teacher who knows the learner so well, jumps to separated silos and a lack of real cohesion.


There are three main aspects to our curriculum.

Big Projects-taking action and making a difference in society, taking action, starting at a local level, with the potential to go much further…real life, meaningful, relevant learning that takes action!

Specialised Learning Modules, cross curricular, integrated, cohesive learning-not separated, siloed, hierarchical teaching. Big modules (team taught), small modules, spins and hoops based on a hacking of the curriculum. Hacking that has drawn out the big concepts, threshold concepts, technical skills and fluencies required now and in the unforeseeable future…

Hubs-with one coach for a small group of learners. A coach that allows for cohesive pathways, the guide on the side, the warm and demanding mentor for learners. Coaching and supporting them to co-construct their learning, profiling, goal setting, conferencing and more. Building relationships and whanaungatanga along the way, with learners, staff and whānau along the way.


Aspects of the role include…

Knowing your learner
Building relationships
Pursuing Passions
Learner Profile
Goal setting
Learn Paths and

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This occurs through…

My Being
My Learning
My Communities

“My being” focuses in on “Hauora-Te Whare Tapa Wha” https://sallyhart72.wordpress.com/2013/11/11/hauora-habits-and-hobsonville/ and Quadrants that draw on Hermans Brain Model… https://sallyhart72.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/the-tui/




Above we have the model that aligns to the “My Learning” aspects of the curriculum. The SLL team has carefully, deeply, thoughtfully, critically reflected on aspects of the NZC to find connections, consistent concepts and more… Read more in http://stevemouldey.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/enabling-constraints/

Finally we have “My Communities” to bring aspects together even further, including…



To scaffold these further…

Mana – Self worth
Aki – How self worth is generated
Tanga – Treat others as you would like to be treated, respect (creating self- worth in others), giving of yourself.
Having a moral purpose / Integrity / Ethical / Trust / Respect / Honesty / Responsible / Sensitive to the differing cultures and worldviews of others / Look for ways to make a difference by identifying what is right and best for all involved / Catalyst for change

Whanaungatanga – relationships
The relationship that develops as a result of manakitanga
The strength of the group / See people as people not just their role / Collaborative / Inclusive / Communication / Co-operation / Trust / Tolerant

Whenua – relationship with land and place
Connected / Aware / Tangata whenua – literally, people of the land – are those who have authority in a particular place. This is based on their deep relationship with that place, through their births and their ancestors’ births. As tangata whenua express themselves in that place, they gain the authority and confidence to project themselves into the world. This idea, in turn, underpins the notion of mana whenua – spiritual authority in a given area.

All aspects have importance on their own. However, the strength is in the cohesion of all these. Only when all of these are considered in a reflective, thoughtful and insightful manner can we truly be responsive to our learners. Only when “My Being”- who I am, my wellbeing, my preferences are considered and this is aligned with and intwined with “My Learning” and “My Communities” can we truly make a difference. The cohesion that we seek does not just come from the structures. There is another extremely important ingredient in the mix…. perspectives, while there is a very similar mindset on what is achievable, conceivable and doable there is also a wide variety of perspectives. This is not only allowing cohesion but also optimal levels of innovation. This has lead to the strength of our kaupapa here at HPSS.

This was none the more obvious than this morning, when many staff gathered along with members of the primary school, the board and the local iwi. Laying the Mauri Stone at the entrance to the school. This ensured mauri- life principle; a material object that is a symbol of the hidden principle protecting vitality has been placed at our new Kura. It was a small but moving ceremony, with a 5.30am Karanga and Karakea at the site.

With a great and varied week, we also met the learners on Monday, we had a great day based in hubs, but moving through different aspects of the curriculum. The buzz and excitement by all was uplifting and I can’t wait to continue this in the new year.

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I am excited for the learners and the potential for schooling that is cohesive, that allows for learners to be innovative, engaged and inspired. I am also excited to continue the next stage of this journey, with our strong kaupapa that has been and continues to be developed, taking action …