Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi… With your basket and my basket the people will live


I feel that this is a meaningful whakatauākī, in relation to the current development process we are going through at the moment at HPSS. I have referred to distributed leadership a number of times through my blogs. However, I feel I can show this in a clear way by showing you the journeys of my colleagues across the variety of teams that Maurie and the Senior Leadership team have developed across the school. This will show it is not just hearsay, the cohesion becomes more obvious.

First up we have Maurie our Principal, who himself is recording his journey on a blog as well as building the awesomeness of everyone by following and referring to the blogs of our staff. He is leading in a remarkably different way to any Principal who has come before him and I foresee for a long time after as well. I thought I would put together for you a selection of these blogs, across teams so you can see it in action.

I am a member of the LTL’s who are developing the hubs at school. The use of a coach with a small group of learners who will guide, coach and support their group to ensure that personalised, meaningful education is developing for all our learners. We are lead by (Lea). The blogs of the other two members are (Megan) and (Yas). Our team are the protectors and advocates of the dispositional curriculum that I have mentioned in previous posts.

In the SLL team who have been hacking the NZC and developing an innovative structure that is allowing for personalisation and responsiveness to occur in our school we have Lisa (Steve) , (Jill), (Kylee) and this team is lead by @DianeCavallo

Then we have the Project Learning Team that is lead by @hpssprojects (Sarah) who has a team that includes Martin, @44trees4me (Bryce), (Liz) and (Pete). As a team they are looking at the development of Big Projects in our school that are authentic, taking action type projects, that will make a huge difference to our community and our learners.

The Professional Learning team is lead by (Claire) and includes @CbwynnWynn , (Ros) , (Georgi) who is also our future focussed Library leader, (Danielle). This team is developing Our teacher professional learning to ensure a community of educators continually inquiring into their practice to ensure positive learner outcomes.

We also have the business manager (Annette) and awesome Maliina as PA to Maurie, who are both extremely important paddlers on our team. It is difficult to describe the team environment and the “tribe culture” as several blogs have spoken to. We all have areas of leadership, every individual is an important part of the team paddling the “waka”. In the words of Aristotle…


Further to the distributed leadership I have mentioned here, there is even more opportunity for this to occur across the school. Many teams are being developed including the Maori and Pasifika Achievement team, timetabling, N.C.E.A, orientation, assessment, Cross school Thinking group and many more… All of these teams are on a opt in basis and allows for staff to opt in where interest is sparked and experience can support their roles. This allows for autonomy and a real sense of part in the community.

I have provided many links and advise that you explore these amazing blogs, if you want to look further into the true depth and breadth of our team, journey, development at HPSS. There is not long to go until the end of the year, you can feel the excitement building by the day and week. ERO has been hugely complimentary to the ground breaking and innovative work occurring. I look forward to the last half of the term as we dig deeper into the different components of our curriculum. Not for one second do I take for granted the once in a lifetime opportunity to shift education and start a new school from the ground up.

As we all weave our baskets and place them along side each other, we co-operate, collaborate and continue to learn from all in our team, for the good of the HPSS community. Bring on 2014!



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