So much potential…dispositional curriculum, the nuts and bolts.

It is really exciting times at HPSS. As we continue to work on the development of the HPSS curriculum, we have divided into a group of SSL’s (Specialised Learning Leaders) and a group of LTL’s (Learning Team Leaders). The SSL’s have been hacking the curriculum and have some awesome progress on this. Involving a HPSS inquiry type process that aligns with design thinking. The process is also explicitly linked to the NZC across all curriculum areas. They are really thriving and excited about where they are going as you can see by this picture of one of the team members


At the same time the LTL’s have been working on both the dispositional curriculum, involving the “Hobsonville Habits” and also the systems and structures for truly personalising learning at HPSS. It is a lot of fun and we break new ground every day on the Why? What? and How? we are doing this…

Currently we are working on how to create a dynamic system that allows both the learner and the teacher to gather evidence of the Hobsonville Habits and how to integrate that with the rigour required for optimum, relevant, transferable learning. This is an ongoing process where we will work closely with Claire to see what systems are required for this to happen.

Our group quite likes the whiteboard, and paper! You will have noticed the other group quite likes post its, we do have the autonomy to develop and learn as we see fit 🙂
See some developmental aspects from last week below…




We may be being influenced by the Principal Maurie, as he also has a like for whiteboards and may have been excited when he saw us doing the same, he then helped us also with the dynamic nature of what the learner profile based on Hobsonville Habits may look like…

Once we worked out four aspects that build on and takes further aspects being used in the primary school, we collated what we thought the four main aspects would look like…

The four main quadrants are

Hobsonville Habits

From here we will develop how what we see as important in each quadrant looks, when the Hobsonville Habits are placed at the centre. Both the learner and the teacher/advisors need to have a strong understanding of what this should like if they are able to gather evidence along the way. The learner journey will be an ongoing process over time and the learner profile will allow for transparency of where are we at? Where to now?
The nuts and bolts are getting exciting, I wish I could start High School all over again, with a personalised pathway developed as well….


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