Learning Hub Development in Action…

Currently at HPSS we have split off into our teams of Leaders of Learning. I am working with Lea, Megan, and Yasmin in our team of Learning Team Leaders. We are responsible for the advisory or “Hub” aspect of the school. This is a really important part of the vision and values of the school, where each learner will have a learning advisor who will develop a strong relationship and knowledge of a small group of learners. This will allow for cohesion, across the school, while allowing for personalisation to occur. 

When nutting down to the why? we have synthesised this to be…

“We value learning hubs because they empower learners through relationships, innovate through personalised learning, engage through powerful partnerships and inspire through deep and challenging inquiry. You can see our value/beliefs, principles and practices in the circle diagram below…



We then as a team went away and worked on a variety of aspects of the hub, including the following…

  • Knowing the learner
  • Learning Paths
  • Passion Projects
  • Whanau Contact
  • Learning to Learn
  • Powerful Feedback

We really delved down into what these aspects will look like and are now starting to get into structures, systems and possible frameworks. There is a real tension between allowing for autonomy and ensuring rigour and equality. Therefore this is a flexible and on-going process, that will need some enabling constraints in the near future. We look forward to having the input of the new staff next term and further on the learners themselves next year. This is really important to us in insuring that we practice what we preach and place the learners firmly at the centre and allow them to co-construct their learning with the advisor as a guide sitting along side.

See diagram below for more detail…
Learning Hubs
At the same time the other group of Leaders of Learning, the “Specialised Learning Leaders” have been hacking the curriculum with a divergent/convergent process involving design thinking. Here are some visuals of the process they have been using to deconstruct the curriculum. 











I feel so lucky to be a part of this process, where we have de-schooled, where we are challenging norms and status quo, stripping things back and starting with the learner. I am excited about the next stage of developing structures, systems and frameworks that allow for this vision to be lived and breathed by all…Angus MacFarlane talks of “Pumanawatanga”-the life and heartbeat of the school, this is starting but will not be in full force until we get the learners next year. Bring it on!


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