The tui…


E koekoe te tūī, e ketekete te kākā, e kūkū te kererū. 
The tūī chatters, the parrot gabbles, the wood pigeon coos.

 also meaning…it takes all kinds of people.

This has a lot of relevance after an amazing day with Julia Atkin, investigating  the way that we prefer to think with work on “the Herrmann brain” model. We also dug deep to look at our values and beliefs about learning and how important it is for us to not only understand why? We do things…but also to always come back to this in inquiring into positive student outcomes. This model she uses has been the basis of our reflection over the last week And our continuing learning and reflection in vision and values building…


The next diagram shows quadrants of thinking that we were assessed on to discover our preferences for thinking. Looking at what quadrants we use in thought processing, prior to the day we completed a survey to discover our preferences…




This was a really interesting process to consider, not just looking at our own thinking processes, but also as a group where our thought processes take us. This considered natural preference and also where we may head under stress. As we worked through many activities beyond our assessment, I was able to forsee my quadrants for thinking, with a picture of where I thought I lay, almost identical to where I was assessed.

I came out as a 1,2,1,1, with my dominant quadrant D, also dominant in A and C. This left me as a thinking style that was imaginative, synthisiser, intuitive, and holistic. Work elements included integration, creative and innovating. There was also coverage of aspects including problem solving, analytical, teaching, writing and interpersonal. From here this shows the ways you like to communicate and learn, obviously important not only for self awareness, but also for where our students may sit, a lot of potential for further exploration here…


The interesting thing for me to see across the team was that as a group we did all have aspects of the big picture, visionary D quadrant and the relational, interpersonal C quadrant. As Maurie spoke to, this was not surprising in working out who would be on the team, mindset was a high priority. It was great to see as a team there is balance. This shows me the team at HPSS is Tu Meke! I look forward to continuing this journey and using our knowledge of how we all work to develop the team further.

Thank you to Julia Atkin for the thought provoking and inspiring professional development.

…….and now I have a better understanding of why the tui chatters…



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