The Nikau



I really like this description of the growth of a Nikau, found at the Hobsonville Point Park, which we explored on our  “getting into the zone” journey. The slow growth is a great representation of the journey we are currently undertaking. I think this rings true with me as we are reflecting upon our thoughts, ideas, emotions, concepts and experience of education and how this aligns to the amazing vision, values and habits of HPSS. To be starting with developing a vision and culture from the start is a once in a lifetime opportunity, one that should not be taken for granted.

I feel at home, like I was always meant to be here, what an amazing team on board, from the senior leadership team, the LOLs (leaders of learning), the support staff, the primary school leadership and staff and the beautiful students of the primary school. Yasmin mentioned whanau and this is how it feels! Loving it! We had so much fun working with the primary school students this week and they are a lovely bunch with an inspiring group of teachers. We also planted native trees, in line with goals of taking action in the local community, what a great community…

As a parent I have so much respect for the primary staff and what they are currently implementing in terms of, co-construction and personalised learning. There is many different challenges in a new school, but the shift in power, shows the potential for what we as a team can do at the Secondary School. With a team on board, keen to shift from silos, place the learner at the centre and co-construct learning with them, The potential is endless. Sooo exciting….

I feel very lucky to work with so many inspiring, forward thinking, optimstic educators, with high expectations, who believe we can make a difference. I look forward to the stage where we have the students with us, but I am also loving the time for big picture thinking, reflecting on the purpose, power and potential of personalised and passion based learnIng.

Here are a few photos to give a visual of the start of this new journey…the awesome HPSS ukulele orchestra ready to rock! …..The LOLs in the zone… well as deeper reflections….

If you are wondering about an amazing school to send your children to, this team of schools are the ones, who’s moving to Hobsonvile Point?


2 thoughts on “The Nikau

  1. What a cool experience to be at a school that is creating what learning will look and feel like. Best of luck in the new journey.

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