New beginnings…

New beginnings
New beginnings
This is my first blog post ever!

I am very excited to be starting a new journey in my life. I have gained a position as a leader of learning at the new Hobsonville Point Secondary School and begin at the start of this term. I am feeling very lucky to be beginning this journey, with an amazing team of fellow learners at this new school.

Here is the twitter handles for the senior leadership team at HPSS.


The koru is pertinent to this journey as a metaphor for new life, new beginnings. I look forward to the unfolding of the fern frond as I learn from those around me. To me the school vision is inspiring and I look forward to being a part of a team working out how this vision can arise in practice.

I am currently researching for my MEd thesis, involving the integration of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy. This on-going learning has stimulated my passion and excitement for the potential of learning where knowledge is not framed tightly. Where silos of knowledge are not the norm, where the integration of knowledge is not only expected, but helps lead to relevant and real world learning where connections are made. To be starting in an environment that is placing the learner at the centre, personalising learning and co-constructing learning is a dream come true!
Here is a couple of posters from @venspired that refect this thinking on learning…


I look forward to starting the journey and reflecting along the way….